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Slob Slammer - Purple Trout

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Size: 30 grams

Purple 3D Printed Body Coloring And Spotted Green And Black Top And Bottom Lines

Designed in Montauk for the surf.  True Hybrid Epoxy Lure. Weighted for Long Distance Casting, Using. Mixed Ratio Of Steel And Tin In The Inner Form To Distribute Weight High And Low and Forward and Rear and An Outer Layer Of Epoxy For Finally Shaping Which We Then Finished With An  Epoxy Based Paint and A Thick Layer Of UV Reflective Epoxy Protective Finish. This combinations Makes It A True Hybrid Epoxy Lure Designed to Catch Big Fish. But More Importantly Designed For Horizontal Retrieves In The Surf. GoDeeP MTK's Epoxy Hybrid Design Ensuring Strength and Action.  Bottom Mid Water Action.  This Lure Was Designed For Salt Water Striped Bass, Albacore Tuna, and Weakfish, Also Works Great In Fresh Water For Bank Fishing On Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, and Walleye.